Welcome to the Online Help of Data Integrity Automation

Data Integrity Automation checks whether all relevant fields of your data records are filled with data. This is immediately apparent via the quality barometer: a colored indicator shows you on each data record whether important information is missing. For this purpose, a value is calculated in each data set and stored on the data set. Each time the data set is changed, the value for the Quality Barometer is also recalculated. This value is expressed as a percentage - a data set with a value of 0% has no relevant field filled with data - a data set with 100% has filled all relevant fields. Thus, when collecting data, you can see whether relevant information is missing. When statistically viewing all data records, it is easy to see whether the necessary data is usually entered or whether important data is not entered.

Which fields are important - and thus belong to the quality barometer - is determined by your CRM representative: For each entity, all fields, including your own, can be defined as relevant. Furthermore, the relevant fields of an entity** can change depending on the status of a record: For example, an opportunity with a probability of closing a deal of 80% must be maintained more precisely than an opportunity with a probability of 20%.

How can I use the extension?

The DIA extension is provided by your administrator. How to use DIA is described step-by-step in the next chapters.

** Entity = tables in CRM, for example "Contact" is one entity, "Company" is another entity.