This documentation is intended as a user reference for Konica Minolta's for.REALESTATE branch solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Please read this document carefully.

Document Version

Date of Document Publication: 08.05.2020 Document Version: 0.5.1 for.REALESTATE Version:

Target Audience

This document is intended for users, administrators, project leads and anyone who is working with for.REALESTATE. Basic training and familiarity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and for.REALESTATE is required.

for.REALESTATE Projects & Installation

for.REALESTATE is licensed to customers together with a customer specific quota of service days. We call this quota of service days the for.REALESTATE project. Within the for.REALESTATE project, services such as installation, customization and configuration of for.REALESTATE is covered - depending on the individual scope defined per customer.


Installation of for.REALESTATE in Dynamics 365 is always done by trained Konica Minolta professionals as part of the for.REALESTATE project. for.REALESTATE, as of today, is not intended for self-service installation at customer sites without Konica Minolta professsionals.

Scope and Conventions

During the for.REALESTATE project, we define a project lead: The project lead is a person from the customer and/or Konica Minolta. Throughout this document, we refer to the project lead for tasks that are not intended to be performed by non-project lead system users.

A typical for.REALESTATE installation is customized to reflect and support your custom business logic and processes. Therefore, this document is intended to be an initial piece of documentation - but it cannot detail your specific usage scenarios. We recommend to create specific documentation during or following your for.REALESTATE documentation. System users should have access to both the current document and your customer specific system documentation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complex product. As for.REALESTATE is a solution built on top of Microsoft's official extension framework, core functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available. Therefore, please also refer to the official documentation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for further information.

Supported Web Browsers and Versions

We intend to support the identical web browsers within for.REALESTATE as Microsoft supports with the respective versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Currently, the following versions of Dynamics 365 are supported and required to run for.REALESTATE:

Supported Web Browsers

for.REALESTATE can be accessed with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge (recommended: Chromium-based Edge)
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (not recommended)

Please note that we recommend to always use the most recent version of any of these browsers. Please also not that we do not recommend Internet Explorer and will discontinue support in the near future. Please see our Blog for updates:

This is only a short summary of requirements. Please see the following links for further details:

Purpose of for.REALESTATE

for.REALESTATE is an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 supporting typical business processes in real estate industry.

Featuring entities such as objects, areas, as well as placement processes and supportive utilities, for.REALESTATE delivers a rich set of features required by any company using Dynamics 365 to manage, advertise, sell, let out, and administer properties and spaces.