What does the extension do?

Whenever a sales document is printed, the printout is automatically saved to foxdox document storage as well.

What is foxdox?

foxdox is a convenient, scalable solution for storing, managing and processing documents, media and other content. It empowers all employees to collaborate among each other and with partners both simply and securely.

It allows companies, organizations, public authorities etc. to dispatch mail digitally in a legally compliant manner (foxdox connect). This reduces costs (postal fees, process and printing costs, etc.), accelerates processes and meets the demand of customers, partners and suppliers to ‘get it digitally’. Offering such a service also goes a long way towards strengthening customer ties. Recipients obtain your mail in digital format, and they can keep and process it in their own foxdox account. For you this means saying good-bye to the hassle of sending documents via traditional mail or setting up your own portal. The recipient of your mail benefits twofold: Documents are delivered digitally, and a dedicated document storage space is provided, facilitating convenient document handling.

Businesses can also receive documents in digital format and store them directly in foxdox for audit-compliant archiving (foxdox dms) – highly recommended in particular for small companies. Of course, you can also file and classify your own documents such as offers, invoices and e-mails – integrated with Windows Explorer for maximum convenience using foxdox sync.

foxdox can also introduce file sharing to your company (foxdox share). Use it to file internal documents, share documents with external business partners and customers, publish them or take them along for offline access – and enjoy many more features. Read more here

How can I use the extension?

You can use the extension to automatically store and keep your outgoing documents in your foxdox document storage. After installing the extension you can easily setup the documents you want to store in your foxdox document storage when printing them.